Antenna Testing Underway

The antennas were taken out to observe the performance benefits that they are going to provide to the project.  Winston was granted permission to test the antennas over a pond near the university and we gathered all the batteries that are required to power up the antenna adapters. It has been a long time since we have used these batteries, and to our good fortune the batteries seemed to be in perfect condition.  After reaching the site, we started the test, placing the antennas at different locations on the pond.

The primary objective being that the antennas should provide the sufficient range even with damping of the signals over the water and even if the antennas were at different angles to each other, we planned to provide different angles and transmit the signals over the water to test the antenna.

The antennas and the batteries were taken to different locations around the pond and to verify the ping times of the echo request packages.

As we are using 120-degree base station sector antenna and a Rocket M2 Omni directional antenna and a Rocket M2 nano station, we are perfectly able to connect to each other over different angles with the help of Omni directional antenna.

We were also working to verify the signal damping by placing the antennas on opposite edges of the pond that contained large fountains. The results were good enough with a ping time of 20 to 40 mille seconds.

Overall, it’s been a good day for the beginning of the communications part of the boat, but many more tests are going to be needed to identify the antennas behavior with the different climatic conditions and performance with the sea environment.

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