RoboBoat Competition 2015, Day 2


July 8, 2015

RoboBoat Competition 2015, Day 2

Today the Villanova SeaCats is focusing on practicing all competition tasks. Testing began at 8 am this morning, where SeaCat successfully navigated through the course start/speed gate. SeaCat can now consistently navigate through the gate; meanwhile, advancements to the vision system are being implemented in order to aid in this task and the obstacle avoidance task.

Throughout the day, Anderson spent most of his time editing code to allow for proper readings by the vision system. A bug was found with respect to LIDAR’s axes, which caused several errors before. A new variable was defined to allow the axis to read angles properly from viewing straight forward. Later that evening, Mike and Chris hopped in the pool for a late night swim with SeaCat. The two acted as buoys to aid in further testing of the LIDAR. Some fellow hotel residents also decided to go for a late night swim, but unfortunately got SeaCat wet due to splashing games. They were quickly removed by the Central Florida team.

Shout out to Samantha for getting some late night Panera Bread and also working to enhance the acoustics system.

Current Status: The team is continuing to test throughout the night and is steadily improving.

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