RoboBoat Competition 2015, Day 3



July 9, 2015

RoboBoat Competition 2015, Day 3

The Villanova SeaCats spent most of today testing again, going through the start/speed/gate, checking LIDAR data, and testing the automated docking algorithms. SeaCat successfully identified the red cruciform for the docking test and was able to maneuver towards its. Some frustrations arose when Anderson’s code would not build onto the Pandaboarad later in the day; however, it was  discovered that evening that the memory on the Pandaboard was full and that is why the code was unable to build. With some assistance from the competition technical director, Felix, Anderson and Gus spent time improving the heart beat feature of the judges’ communication code.

Current Status: After a long day in the brutal 100 degree weather of Virginia Beach, the team looks forward to another late night with SeaCat in the pool where the main goal will be to test the boat’s acoustic system.

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