RoboBoat Competition 2015, Day 4


















July 10, 2015

RoboBoat Competition 2015, Day 4

Today was yet another day full of testing, but has now switched gears to focus more on the obstacle avoidance task.  Dr. Nataraj arrived this morning and has also assisted the team with valuable advice and mentoring in regards to the tasks.  Anderson spent some time collecting data during the tests in order to create wavepoints for the boat to maneuver around.  Meanwhile, the rest of the team was busy preparing and practicing for the presentation, as Sam and Adam were the two to speak in front of the judges that evening.  The presentation went well, and most questions were asked about SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), the LIDAR/Vision System, and what plans the team had to improve the boat for next year.The Villanova SeaCats secured 5th place out of the 16 teams for that specific event (static judging).

Current Status: This evening, the team looks to continue to test the LIDAR to assure that it is prepared for the actual events and competition tomorrow.  The team will also attempt to get as much testing in as possible before tomorrow which also includes the acoustics tasks.  The focus is on as the competition is only hours away.  Well, time for a late night swim with SeaCat!

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