RoboBoat Competition 2015, Day 5




















July 11, 2015

RoboBoat Competition 2015, Day 5

Today is the big day!  The team is scrambling and getting everything together to make sure our tests go smoothly.The Villanova SeaCats had the interoperability discussion early this morning, to which Adam presented very well on.  Anderson and Scott also added their contributions as well and efficiently communicated the intentions of future plans to the judges with the system.  Afterwards, the first test came along and SeaCat managed to go through the start SpeedGate, and ended the run during the Obstacle Avoidance.  The team began to prepare for the next test, but unfortunately an aggressive storm hit and caused the competition to be postponed until tomorrow morning.

Current Status: The team is currently doing some final testing on the communication with the judges and addressing the code to try and figure out ways to improve the Start SpeedGate tasks.  The last day of RoboBoat is near, and its time to grind out the last bit of work that needs to be done.

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