RoboBoat Competition 2015, Day 1


July 7, 2015

RoboBoat Competition 2015, Day 1

The Villanova SeaCats is at the Founder’s Inn located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The goals for today include: 1) acoustic testing, where SeaCat will attempt to locate an underwater transponder and report its location, 2) an endurance test for the LIDAR, 3) updated IMU calibration to account for the change in the boat’s  geographic location, and 4) advancements in the boat’s communication with the judges’ server, including a heart beat.

A new load-bearing harness was designed and implemented to allow for a crane to pick up the boat and lower it in the water. Scott and Adam made a few runs to Home Depot for these materials. Additionally, Adam and Mike paid a visit to Walmart for some new fuses for the Speedgoat after its failure earlier in the day.

Current Status: Troubleshooting the Speedgoat real-time target machine after the discovery of a faulty fuse due to a shortage in the boat.  The team has proceeded with testing the new components, checking for capabilities, and carrying out the day’s goals.

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