Work has begun!

With exams drawing to a close, work has officially begun for the Villanova University RobotX team.  As with any engineering project, it is essential to the early stages of our development on the RobotX boat that we have a detailed design created.  The attached photo is a 3D model of SeaCat, the boat we will use for all of our local off-shore testing.  The boat is approximately four feet long, so it is about four times smaller than the boat that will be used in the competition, and also has a slightly different design.  Despite these differences, the application of the software and hardware will still yield the same results when applied to the full-size boat in Florida.  All future modifications to the project will be made on both this digital representation as well as the actual boat, making this a “living” image.  Team members Ian Stankosh and Mary Spillane, both undergraduate mechanical engineering students at Villanova, are in charge of this portion of the project.

Stay tuned for more updates from the team!  Blogs will be posted regularly to this page.

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